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Free Teeth Whitening For Life!

This privilege, while free, does have some rules. Below is a description of said rules. Please read through them carefully. 

*Patient Activation Rules: * 

1. Rabbat Family Dental will make whitening trays for any of our current patients age 18 and older that are medically and dentally able to receive tooth whitening, following a regular cleaning and exam. If the patient has not taken advantage of teeth whitening in the past, a small onetime fee of $99.00 will be charged for the program. For patients that have had whitening with our office there is no fee to participate. For new patients *Whitening For Life* is free with a paid exam and x-rays.(*Free Whitening offer can not be combined with any other coupons or specials.) 

2. New patients must complete initial hygiene cleaning, necessary x-rays, exam, and re-appoint for hygiene re-care. 

3. Must comply with minimum required dental care as stated by doctor*. Patient must not have active, untreated disease- gum (periodontal) disease, decay (caries), root sensitivity, oral cancer, etc. 

4. Patients with a history of broken appointments must have at least a six-month patient history without any broken appointments. 

5. Must not have outstanding bills with the practice and comply with our Financial Policies. 

*Lifetime Maintenance Rules:* 

1. You must maintain continued care as treatment planned by Dr. Rabbat and hygienists. 

2. Must maintain continued hygiene care as specified by Dr. Rabbat and the hygienists (usually 6 month appointments or 3-4 months for periodontal patients). 

3. Must make all scheduled appointments. Cancellations will be made with a minimum 24 hour notice and original appointment rescheduled within the next 4 weeks. 

4. A maximum of 1 whitening treatment will be given at each re-care appointment with a maximum of 2 annually. 

5. Lost or destroyed trays will be replaced at a cost to the patient ($99). 

6. Should any of the rules failed to be met, you will be disqualified from the program and provided the opportunity to re-enroll for a $99 
re-activation fee. 

*All patients will receive their whitening package upon completion of all 
necessary dental treatment, as determined by the dentist. Patient must not 
have active, untreated disease. Minimum gum and teeth health is required to 
receive professional teeth whitening in order to prevent complications that 
may arise with unhealthy teeth and gums.